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What is Microblading?
Microblading is a 2 step form of semi permanent -make up using a state of the art microblading hand tool to create tiny precision hair strokes mimicking natural hairs. Pigment is placed in the channels created by the tool leaving natural looking brows.

The Benefits of Microblading
Micro blading is the first choice for natural looking brows, and can be used to either enhance and sharpen the the look of your natural brows or be used to create a completely new shape on brows that are either non- existent due to illness, genetics, medication, radical overplucking or as we age our eyebrows thin particularly at the tip and the tail. It is also less invasive than conventional tattooing which goes much deeper into the layers of the skin and tends to give a solid look to the brow It is also less painful than the conventional tattoo and the pigment used is thicker so doesn't migrate under the skin, and as the treatment is done by hand it is more precise and more comfortable for the client.

How Long Will It Last?
After the initial treatment (stage 1) where the pigment is introduced to the skin, the healing process will begin. Initially, the brows will look bigger and darker but over the first couple of weeks as they heal the channels will shrink and fade (up to 40%) as the skin absorbs the pigment.

Stage 2
6-8 weeks later the 2nd phase of the treatment will be performed and the area will be re-touched. This completes the treatment and ensures it lasts 12-18 months (depending on lifestyle, skin composition and chemicals found in certain skin products)

A yearly top- up is recommended to keep the colour and the shape.

Microblading initial treatment £150
Top up at 6 - 8 weeks £55
Colour boost at 12 months £125
Colour boost at 18 months £150

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*Booking Terms and Conditions:
On booking your microblading treatment you will be asked for a deposit of £50 to secure the booking, any appointment cancelled with less than 48 hours notice before the appointment cannot be refunded and will be used to cover the cost of the initial consultation if the client doesn’t go ahead. (This booking condition applies only to micro blading).

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